Downtown Merchants Association

March General Membership Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 18, 2016- Raapers


Joe called meeting to order at 8:05 am. Introductions made, and merchants reported on fun and exciting events happening in their businesses. Many are clearing out winter merchandise to make space for newly arriving spring items!

SAWA will be celebrating 10 years in business this summer…. Congratulations!


Jackie Lybeck- new DMA Treasurer- was introduced to membership.


Reports of the Board

Secretary’s Report– No report. Secretary absent.

Treasurer’s Report- Account balance as of February, 29, 2016= $13,101.19. Income = $2,930.98 (membership dues, flower basket contribution). Expenses for February = $1,179.02 (events/promotions, operating, Vikingland Band Festival contribution).


Committee Reports

Beautification-More sponsors needed for flower baskets. Cost is $90 a year.

Planning an ad to thank sponsors by name in paper by fishing opener. In need

of 5 volunteers to help hang baskets in mid May. Please contact Kevin Mahoney.

Events- Memorial Day sidewalk sale being planned for May 26-30. Two Wine       and Art Crawl events set for June 16th and July 14th. New time frame will be from

5-8 pm instead of from 4-7 pm. Party in the Street being planned by Raapers for

July 22nd. ADMA will be responsible for the kid’s zone. Crazy Days will take

place August 4-6.

Marketing- The new brochure is nearing completion!


Guests/Other Items for Consideration

*Mike Weber discussed a public hearing to be held the 3rd Monday in April at

City Hall. Topics to be addressed: outdoor displays, min/max display areas, bistro

tables, and language regarding food/alcohol service outside on sidewalks.

*A draft was sent to planning commission/Mike Weber regarding a request for

Public restrooms to be installed/located behind Creative Touch Gallery.

*Discussion by Dan Ness regarding a potential walking tour or history tour of

downtown buildings and downtown.



Meeting Adjourned 8:45 am…..Next meeting is Friday, April 22nd @ 8:00 am