Downtown Merchants Association
May General Membership Meeting Minutes
Friday, May 27th, 2016– Raapers

Called to order 8:05 am by Mr. President Korkowski. Introductions with a brief on what Memorial Day means to you.

Reports of the Board

Secretary’s Report- Newsletter reminder sent to merchants Thurs., May 26th. Newsletter will be sent
Monday, June 6th to our public subscriber list.
Treasurer’s Report- Financial info. for April….account balance as of the 30th is $23,394.48. Income
for April = $1,459.01 (flower baskets, membership dues, Parade of Lights). Expenses in April =
$697.93 (events/promotions- social media & operating).

Guest Speakers
Mike Weber. Update on public restrooms- location TBD. Utilizing a new type of restroom that requires
no plumbing. These restrooms are currently being used at national and state parks. Looks just like an
actual restroom, and has ‘Green Flush’ technology.
He recapped the CUP conditions that are authorized for the back parking lot behind Carriage House:
alley cannot be blocked, two 3 stalls will be partitioned with barriers, store(s) involved will need
someone monitoring parking lot so that stalls for other merchants are not used.
Peter Bruce- “Pedestrian Sites Consultant”. Discussed first impressions of our downtown before
and after the street project. He mentioned that the green vegetation- trees & flowers, along with
planters and benches in front of the stores help to “shape the space” (give character and stimulation to
the DT look and feel). Suggestions given to continue to “shape the space”: store directory w/message
of the week or month, public art, more entertainment/eye appeal such as signs, plants, merchandise,
and history plaques. (Joe mentioned the history plaques project is in progress.)
Barb Grover- Douglas County Historical Society. History of downtown discussed. She encouraged
all to consider a membership to the Historical Society. Barb talked about the unique ability of the
society to trace each building in downtown Alexandria to nearly their first days. Historical Society has
many books and documents tracing the history of downtown Alexandria and the people back to the
very beginning of the settlement. Can request a study of your building on their website.

Committee Reports
Events. Two Wine & Art Crawls planned- June 16th & July 14th. New time frame of 5-8 pm instead
of 4-7 pm.
Party in the Street- July 22nd. Kid zone sponsored by ADMA members. Sign up for 1-2 hour shifts
to help with the bouncy houses.
Crazy Days- August 4-6.

Other Items for Consideration
*Joe asked for input from members to the question…..what can add value to downtown?
i.e. bus tours, specific promotions, etc. Asked all members to email a board member with 2-3 ideas
that might add value to our downtown.
*Ron will meet with Tim from Widseth regarding finding a more long-term solution for the burned out
lights on the trees on Broadway.

Meeting adjourned 8:55 am…..Next meeting is Friday, June 24th @ 8:00 am

Upcoming 2016 Events:
Wine & Art Crawl……Thurs., June 16th
Wine & Art Crawl……Thurs., July 14th
Party in the Street…..Fri., July 22nd
Crazy Days…..Aug. 4-6th