Minutes from Gen Membership Meeting Friday April 24, 2009

DiAnn Ness called the meeting to order.
Emajean Zwieg who is the Special Programs Coordinator for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Douglas County spoke about the rental rehab program. The Rental Rehab Program is available for apartment rental units from 3rd street to 10th street and for 2 block on each side of Broadway Street. $10,000 per rental unit is the maximum with 66% of the cost being granted and the owner is responsible for 34%. The rental units must have low income tenants to qualify. The target area can be expanded to include a larger geographic area if the money is not used. It cannot be used for storefront improvements and must be used for rental units.

Eileen from the Maritime Museum spoke about upcoming events. They are having a sneak peak open house on Thursday May 14 from 6-8:30pm. Downtowners are invited to come and bring their staff too!

Treasurer’s Report – The tax exempt status is currently being assigned. The balance for the flower basket project is $5400. The general fund balance is $14,493. We currently have 63 memebers including the latest addition of Now & Then Antiques.

The flower basket project has 42 sponsors. 70 are needed to cover the cost of the flowers.

There was discussion about DMA banners and flags.

Virgil motioned that we purchas small flags to hand out on Memorial Day and Joe seconded the motion. Both Virgil and Joe volunteered to contribute $50 each to purchase flags.

Sidewalk Chalk for the awake the lakes festival begins at 9am on that Saturday.

The flower baskets will be delivered on Tuesday May 19th and will be set up Wednesday morning.

A request was made that store owners instruct delivery trucks to not completely block the alley ways when making deliveries.