September 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes
Friday, September 23rd, 2016 @ Raapers Eatery & Ale

Call to order at 8:00 am….new members introduced as well as current member introductions. Attendance = 27.

Reports of the Board
Secretary’s Report-  905 subscribers will receive our October newsletter which will be
sent on Monday, Oct. 3rd. A reminder will be sent next week. Please respond to it with
your store specials/info. Facebook “Likes” are up 40 to 2,768.
Treasurer’s Report- Account balance as of Aug. 31, 2016 is $13,877.25. Income for
Aug. = $1,585.03 (dues, beautification, Events/Promotions). Expenses in Aug. totaled
$8,313.82 (social media- Events & Promotions & operating). General Fund Balance is $12,798.80.

Committee Reports
James reviewed details for the Scavenger Hunt Friday & Saturday- Sept. 30 & Oct. 1st.
Pam updated on the Fall Festival and Fashion Fest event. Becky reviewed the advertising mix for
Fall Festival weekend. Joe discussed some possible options for a lighted parade for Hometown

Snow Removal/Public Bathroom
Mike Weber asked membership for feedback on the city’s proposal to continue snow removal
at $6 p/lineal foot for businesses between 3rd & 8th avenues. Some questions & discussion
followed. A vote was taken of members in attendance to continue snow removal for this winter.
No opposing votes were heard. This consensus will be taken to the City Council meeting.

The restroom model that the city was looking at installing for public use has been discontinued.
The next step in this project is unclear at this time.

Announcements from Membership/Items from Floor
*Jeff Meland is interested in starting a Facebook Ad Support Group. The group would meet once
a month from 8-10 am to share ideas and advice for how to make the best use of Facebook. He
asked for a show of hands of interested parties. Contact Jeff for more information.

*Joe noted we have 2 open board positions and asked that those interested contact him or
any board member.

Meeting adjourned 8:33 am…..Next meeting is Friday, October 28th- 8:00 am @ Raapers