First Annual Celebration of Lights Parade is being planned for November 28th, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Here’s more information for those interested in participating:

First Annual Celebration of Lights Parade-rvsd

Parade Rules

How to light a float directions

The PARADE starts at 5:00 pm SHARP on Saturday, November 28th, 2015. The route runs on 4th Ave. and begins on 4th and Broadway, heading south and ending at 8th Ave, West. Units will disperse after turning onto 8th Ave West

2. PLEASE, NO LIVE SANTA OR MRS. CLAUS WITH YOUR UNIT!! A special float will feature Santa and Mrs. Claus in the parade. Santa figurines/decorations are allowed. Holiday Music is highly encouraged.

3. Units will be placed in the lineup at the discretion of the committee for proper balance, sound, participants and audience considerations. All parade participants should dress according to the weather! Cancellations due to severe weather will be announced as early as possible on parade day.

4. ALL units will be judged! There are 2 categories – Most Creative and The Brightest ($75 – $100 award) will be selected for Best in Parade awards. The Mayor’s Choice award of $25 also will be given. Other awards may be included at the judges discretion. The Judges Stand will be situated in the center of 6th and Broadway near the AAAA Theatre. Parade Announcers will give color commentary from the Judges Stand.

5. The CHECK-IN area for parade units is on 4th Ave. East at the corners of Fillmore and 4th Ave E. near Ace Hardware. Checking-in will assist us in an orderly line-up.

6. Please enter the STAGING AREA from 5th Ave. CAUTION! Units will be lined up beginning and 4th Avenue W, on BOTH SIDES OF THE ROADWAYS, facing Broadway. Numbers will be positioned along designated roadways. Park your unit as close to the curb as possible, at your assigned number. Overflow parking for parade-related vehicles ONLY will be allowed in the Ace Hardware parking lot. All other vehicles dropping off parade participants must leave the area.

7. Line-up begins at 4:00 pm and all units MUST be ready at least 10 minutes prior to the 4:30 pm start of the parade. The lineup area is in a residential district. We ask you to be extra careful and courteous to private property. DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS or INTERSECTIONS. DO NOT LITTER!

8. All vehicles must be safe and clean. Maximum height of units is 13.6 feet and the maximum width is 20 feet. ALL UNITS MUST BE FULLY LIGHTED and DECORATED!!!! Please use safety precautions with the use of generators, converters, batteries, extension cords, and all forms of power sources and supplies. Please stay 20 feet from the unit in front of you, maintaining a smooth flow with the pace of the parade. Please follow instructions by Parade Officials to ensure the safety of participants as well as the viewing audience.

9. Animal entries must have a separate “clean up crew” following their unit through the parade; animals must be diapered if a clean up crew is not utilized. Animals must be restrained to the unit or within a controlled environment to prevent risks, danger or possible harm to audience members, parade participants or property.

10. Candy, coupons or brochures may be HANDED OUT along the sides of the road, not thrown!! We will not allow any throwing of anything from parade units! No racing of engines or careless driving of motorized units. Absolutely no riders on equipment or parts of vehicles not designed as seating areas. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the staging area or on the parade route!

Things You’ll Likely Need
• Generator or power inverter *Car or motorcycle battery (optional) * Gasoline (optional)
• Power Source Selection and Installation (suggestions)

1. Decide if you would like to have a gasoline-powered generator or a power inverter. Generators are available in quiet models that operate at less than 60 decibels. Power inverters run off of power from an automotive or motorcycle battery. They are less expensive but provide less power. Calculate the amount of wattage you think you will need and find the option that best fits your requirements.

2. Design a platform at the back of the float for your power source. Ensure that there will be no decorations touching the area. Place the space a foot from the edge of the float so that the float skirting does not touch the equipment.

3. Drill holes for eyehooks on either side of the platform. Screw in the eyehooks. Place the power source on the platform. Run straps across the inverter or the generator and hook each end into the eyehook. Tighten the straps.

4. Plug two extension cords into the inverter — one for the left side of the float and one for the right. For generators, plug a splitter into the two outlets on the front, or run four extension cords of varying lengths from the four outlets this provides. For example, run a long cord to reach the front of the float and a shorter cord for the middle or back on each side.

How to Light the Parade Float
1. Outline the edge of your float to give it definition. This also helps passengers on the float stay safe by knowing where the float drops off. Run flat LED strand lighting around the edge of the float. LED strand lights can be set to any color. The lights can also change colors, blink or be set to move in sequence to music. Most LED lights can be controlled by a remote. LED lights emit little to no heat, reducing the possibility of accidental burns by parade riders. LEDs also use less energy than traditional lights and have a longer life so you can use them for years to come. Use colored or white rope lighting to outline your float if flat LED strand lighting is cost prohibitive. Rope lighting will still illuminate your edge, but attach the lighting to the front edge of the float as opposed to the top edge so that no one will accidentally touch or step on it.

2. Highlight areas with spotlights. Use floodlights to draw attention to an area or a person on your float. Clip or bracket floodlights to the floor the float. Point the floodlight to shine on the area you are highlighting. Alternatively, mount floodlights on the back wall of a float to cast light down upon an area. Use colored floodlights to match your theme.

3. Create a holiday or ethereal feel with Christmas lights. Use Christmas lights in trees, clouds and on bushes to create a twinkle effect. Set a soft, glowing ambiance by placing strands of Christmas lights behind sheer fabrics. Use LED bulbs for a better quality light and less pull on your amperage.