Ciara Rose Beautiful youCiara Rose (Drexler) from Barrett, MN is planning to produce music video in downtown Alexandria.

Ciara is an online teacher with Fergus Falls Public Schools. She recently recorded a debut EP entitled “Beautiful You” in LA with Warren Huart. Together they recorded 5 of her songs (genres including pop, jazz, and country) which recently became available by CD and for download on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Ciara’s goal as an artist is to encourage others and make a positive impact with her music. An example of this can be seen in the song she wrote for the troops called “Civilian Song”. For Veteran’s Day 2011 I asked my community to join me in the Alexandria, MN high school football field to help me sing this song. Approximately 200 or so people joined me in creating the following film that we sent to the troops deployed from our area. Here’s the video…

Future Plans: Following this Christmas video project for “Good Life”, I intend to dedicate my title song “Beautiful You” towards an inner beauty message. For this project I will be combining my two passions for education and music to create a video that encourages students to grow themselves from within. I will be hosting a large fundraiser for this project in early 2015.

“Good Life” Video Plan

Ciara is hoping to shoot the video in early December in downtown Alexandria. The Alexandria, MN Police Department will be asked to assist in blocking off a small section of street between the date and hours approved for filming. Participants will include Ciara, a video crew and director, the Alexandria High School marching band led by Todd Blaser, and an assistant crew to help provide sound and setup, coffee and hot beverages and snacks, and additional supervision.

Ciara is seeking special filming arrangements with merchants who would like themselves or their business featured within the music video. This would involve potential video taken within the store and outside of the store with prior arranged choreography between Ciara and the store merchant, so a friendly exchange with the store can be captured within the film.

The Grant County Herald just did a story on Ciara this week. Here is the link:

Also click here for the link to hear the rest of Ciara’s music.

Contact Ciara for any additional questions you have.
Ciara’s phone: 320-760-0346