As we cover the women with Girls Night Out during our Fall Festival, we have created a new event with our Hometown Christmas Experience just for men!

Mens Night Out Event

This is a way for all your female customers to have a “Wish List” that their significant other can use to get them exactly what they want for Christmas.

By participating in Men’s Night Out, you will receive “Wish Lists” for your customers to fill out. The customer would complete their “Wish Lists” and then give it to someone (i.e. significant other).

The wish list can be for several stores. Each participating merchant will have their name listed on the wish list.

The “significant other” would then come to the stores on the Wish List and shop during Mens Night Out on Dec. 6th from 4 – 7 pm.

You are encouraged to offer specials and discounts during this time for those men out shopping.

The “Wish List” would be turned in to be entered into a drawing for $250 ADMA Gift Certificate. Entries will be picked up Dec. 7, and the winner will be contacted by phone.

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